Wax Blending

Wax Blending Facilities and Wax Performance Experts

Wax Blending Facilities

The International Group, Inc maintains four manufacturing locations that blend wax products and package them in various forms.  This is in addition to a west coast terminal (which can blend bulk liquid products), west coast warehouse, and major warehouse facility in Farmer’s Valley, PA. All manufacturing locations conform to ISO 9001 standards and have Kosher certification.

IGI’s Toronto blending facility is located adjacent to the wax production plant. Capabilities include slab production, granulation, and the ability to blend vegetable waxes. In addition to paraffin, microcrystalline wax, and petrolatum, several categories of wax blends, such as IGI’s EVACOTE line for corrugated boxes, are produced at this facility. The Toronto location also has an emulsion blending plant, with produces products for our Enviro-Coatings line.

Titusville, Pennsylvania (USA).  IGI’s Titusville plant manufactures wax slabs, granulated wax, and wax pellets. The plant is a major supplier of wax blends for use in rubber and tire manufacturing.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin (USA).  IGI’s Oshkosh facility is a state-of-the-art, 60,000 square foot bulk storage, blending, and sub-dividing facility. The plant provides custom wax blends in addition to IGI’s other value added blends. Packaging capabilities include slabs, pellets, and unique “pouch” configurations.

Baytown, Texas (USA). State of the art dehumidification system for slab and pastille (pellet) manufacturing. Two “Sandvik belts” produce wax in pastille/pellet form, with packaging in bags or super sacks. Baytown can also handle drummed product, including petrolatums and highly viscous wax materials.

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