Water-Based Emulsions

Effective, Efficient and Economical
Water-based Coatings

With increasing consumer focus on sustainability, repulpability & recyclability, water-based coatings for paper are a requirement for many applications.

Coatings are often essential to deliver superior performance and meet the increasing demands made of the corrugated industry. Corrugated alone cannot, and will not, provide the protection necessary in many of today’s demanding applications. By itself, corrugated board is abrasive, absorbent to water and oil, and prone to sticking to products it is intended to protect.

With IGI’s Enviro-Coatings you can overcome the undesirable natural features of paper board effectively, efficiently and economically. Add value to your packaging with the extra protection, moisture resistance and superior surface characteristics provided by our water-based emulsions.

IGI has a complete line of waterbourne coatings sold under our Enviro-Coatings line.  These emulsions, produced at our Toronto, Ontario facility can be custom blended to deliver performance properties to suit a wide variety of corrugated, paper, and other coated applications.

Visit our dedicated website for Enviro-Coatings products, at www.enviro-coatings.com.

link to our Enviro-Coatings website www.enviro-coatings.com

Enviro-Coatings from IGI

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