Synthetic Waxes from IGI

Synthetic Waxes offer unique properties vs. traditionally produced paraffin waxes

IGI offers a range of synthetically waxes produced with unique, specialized processes. These waxes offer a formulator increased versatility when developing their application.

Synthetic waxes offered by IGI include the following categories:

-Thermostat waxes, providing very precise, repeatable melting points
-Fischer Tropsch, or “FT” waxes, which offer a range of melt points with very consistent carbon chains lengths
-Acculin polyethylene waxes (“PE” waxes) that are hard, high melting point waxes with consistent and repeatable molecular weight ranges

IGI is the official distributor (North America and Central America) for Shell Malaysia produced FT waxes, including their SX105 and SX80 grades.

The Advantage of High Melting Point Synthetic Wax

Synthetic waxes are replacing natural polishing waxes commonly used in the automotive and metal industry when a small sacrifice in shine results in superior protection and longevity. Additionally, the synthetic waxes can be formulated into a spray or liquid.

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