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IGI’s Petrolatum Products include food-grade petrolatum and grades optimized for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries. Talk to us about your needs. We routinely provide our scientific expertise to customers during product development.

Petrolatum is a complex semi-solid combination of Paraffin Wax, Microcrystalline Wax and White Mineral Oil. Petrolatum is a semi-solid dispersion of liquid and solid hydrocarbons having a salve-like unctuous consistency.  The grades of petrolatum vary only in consistency and color.


PETAX USP petrolatums are high quality, food-grade petrolatums which are refined to the most exacting specifications.  The most important properties of petrolatum which include melting point, consistency, fiber length and color are controlled to close tolerances by using carefully selected raw materials and the most advanced methods of manufacturing.

PETAX 0310A and 0386A have medium consistency or hardness, while PETAX 0320A and 0321A are softer, making them ideal for repackaging.

Drop Melting Point (ASTM D127) °F125-140125-140
Cone Penetration, dmm @ 77°F/25°C (ASTM D937)165 - 200195 - 230

Note: Physical properties for which ONLY a typical value is listed are included as additional information but may not be printed on the COA.

Industrial-Grade, non-USP Petrolatums from IGI

TEST METHODSPetrofibe 201
(Industrial Grade)
Drop Melting Point (ASTM D127) °F130-160
Cone Penetration, dmm @ 77°F/25°C (ASTM D937)140-180
Saybolt Color (ASTM D6045)>8

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Petrolatum is a key performance ingredient in a broad range of products including the beauty, cosmetic and dermatological health sectors. Get real-world answers for your product requirements from IGI.

Lubricity and Moisture Barrier Properties

Petrolatums that meet USP requirements are used across a wide range of personal-care and pharmaceutical products including ointments, creams, balms, lotions, conditioners and more. Petrolatums are also found in food processing and food packaging. Candle manufacturers use petrolatums to adjust shine. Polishing and buffing compounds add petrolatum to improve protection against moisture and corrosion of metals.

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