Non-Petroleum Waxes

IGI is one of North America’s largest users of vegetable and other non-petroleum based waxes. These non-petrolatum based waxes are used to meet a wide variety of specific demands by our customers and the marketplace.

Diverse Wax Options from IGI

When demanded by customer applications, IGI can incorporate numerous types of non-petroleum materials into our waxes and product line. In most cases vegetable materials are used as a complement, rather than replacement, to petroleum based waxes.

For candle manufacturers, IGI offers a series of palm waxes that provide a unique, crystalline finish to the candle surface. IGI also offers a 100% vegetable container candle blend.

IGI’s knowledge of wax bases extends well beyond that of only petroleum based products. Consider consulting with IGI if your wax application requires vegetable and other non-petroleum based waxes.

Sustainable, Renewable and Growing

Use of vegetable-based waxes will continue to grow and expand into new markets. In short, the raw materials for vegetable waxes are readily available — and renewable. To serve this trend, IGI has committed the resources to advance the science behind vegetable waxes and vegetable wax blends.

Versatile Properties

IGI can blend non-petroleum waxes with both paraffin and other non-petroleum waxes to meet a variety of application properties and end uses.

Natural, Cost-Efficient and Sustainable

There are instances where vegetable-based waxes and wax additives can compliment performance of paraffin waxes. Candles, for example, can be marketing to additional customer bases when blended with vegetable based waxes.

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