Polyethylene Waxes

Acculin and Acculinol

IGI offers a range of specialty linear and low molecular weight polyethylene waxes, targeting industries such as personal care, cosmetics, inks, toners and polymers.

In combination with our existing range of paraffin, microcrystalline and other synthetic waxes, IGI’s Acculin product line of low molecular weight polyethylene provides the formulator the widest possible selection of functional properties and ability to customize performance.

Products range in molecular weight from 400 to 2000, and are marketed under Acculin (linear PE homopolymer) and Acculinol (linear PE alcohol).

*Acculin  and Acculinol are available globally for direct sale or via our various distribution partners located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Expanding the Range of Functional Properties

Polymerization technology developed by IGI enables the very precise control over parameters including molecular weight, polydispersity, crystallinity (chain linearity) and polarity of these waxy polymers. Our new polyethylene waxes expand the range of possibilities in modern wax performance.

Distributed Globally

You can find IGI’s Acculin and Acculinol polyethylene waxes in use globally in the polymer, cosmetic and digital imaging industries. Contact us about how our linear, low-molecular weight waxes can work for you.

Key Features by Industry:


Low polydispersity of Acculin polyethylene, along with high linearity and crystallinity, make the products particularly suitable for use as nucleating agents in expanded polystyrene applications (EPS). Consistent and controlled melting behavior also lends them to extrusion aids in various polymer systems, for mold release in PU applications, and for anti-block agents in polymer films.


Acculin waxes bridge the gap between a high melting paraffin wax and a high molecular weight polyethylene in personal care and cosmetic formulations. They can be used to enhance product stability, texture, and control melting point/cycle time. Acculinol  provides the same key benefits, but with modified polarity to tailor compatibility in the formulation.

Digital Imaging

Narrow and carefully controlled melting profile translates into lower print temperatures, faster print speeds and improved print durability. Acculin find application across numerous thermal ink systems, including toners and thermal transfer ribbons. Further customization is also available under our Accumelt range of waxes. As with cosmetics, Acculinol provides modified compatibility depending on the ink resin system used.

Other Industries Where IGI Polyethylene Waxes are Used

Consistent, reliable performance also provides benefits in other sectors, including coatings, casting waxes, ceramics and high performance hot melt adhesives.

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