Waxes for Explosives

Paraffin wax is used in dynamite wrappers as a moisture barrier, and microcrystalline waxes are used as a desensitizer in the manufacture of detonating fuses.

IGI provides waxes for desensitization, binding and lubrication of emulsion, press-loaded or cast-loaded high explosives. We can provide a range of grades to deliver specific thermal properties and molecular weight profiles. Our specific grades conform to MIL-W-20553D.

Product is available as pellets in 50 lb. bags, granulated in 50 lb. bags, slabs (10 lbs each) in 60 lb. cartons. Contact IGI to discuss the packaging requirements for your specific products.

Available in high melt points

IGI offers products such as the 5909A, which is one of the few “straight cut” microcrystalline waxes still commercially available in the marketplace.  It’s properties lend itself well as a desensitizing agent.

World wide availability

IG waxes suitable for use in explosives are available worldwide, allowing multinational companies harmonious performance and product code approval over multiple manufacturing plants.

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