Waxes for Adhesive Manufacturing

IGI manufactures both petroleum and non-petroleum waxes for hot melt adhesives. Our waxes are used to do more than optimize the viscosity, flow and “set time” properties for hot melt products. IGI waxes also influence an adhesive’s bond strength, thermal stability and crystallization rates.

Waxes are key components in a wide variety of adhesive applications including hot-melt adhesive products. Increasing bond strength and improving temperature resistance are two properties wax can impact. IGI offers a full range of wax materials for the adhesive manufacturer – including paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax and customized formats for machine applications. IGI waxes help customers tailor properties including viscosity, set times and the final thermal stability of the bond.

Synthetic waxes made by the Fischer-Tropsch (“FT”) process often form key building blocks to adhesive formulas. As an official distributor for the North and Central Americas, IGI offers Shell Malaysia’s line of FT waxes, including the SX80 and SX105 grades.

Talk to our experts in both wax science and manufacturing. IGI has partnered with manufacturers of a wide variety of adhesives with emphasis on hot-melt adhesives.

IGI offers detailed product image via the UL Prospector site. Please click the UL image to access the site

IGI offers detailed product information on waxes for adhesives via the UL Prospector site. Click the UL image above for further details and access.

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